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TopCMM Software Ltd. was formed in 2003, although our roots firstly appeared at 2001 as a pioneer in chat software market. For more than 7 years, TOPCMM has been recognized by some of the most respected international companies in over 70 countries and regions, by releasing popular softwares, including chat room software, web messenger and live support software. We also provide quality value-added service to customers and gain worldwide reputation.

TOPCMM is proud to have gifted engineers, designers and QA staff who have holds a profound knowledge in communication software development, as well as a broad experience in project management. We also have our own sales team and responsible customer care team.

Our goal is to develop quality multimedia communication software and provide great service to our customers, and to help customers to capture success.

Our 123 Flash Chat server software , is a full-featured& high-performace java chat server plus exciting flash chat client! It can integrate user database of external forums or portals and has the most customized skin! It's a fast, easy and affordable way to host and manage real-time communication.

We also launched 123 Web Messenger and Video Chat software, based on 123 flash chat server software.

Furthermore, we released a live support software 123 Live Help server software, which is a web-based live support software designed for sales representatives or live support staff to engage in one-to-one chat with web site visitors. It is implemented with a Java server and a Flash client. Visitors may be queued until a live supporter is available for chatting.

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