Mewod Fitness

Mewod fitness is a Metaverse Running App

3D virtual reality running, immersive running experience.

Did you encounter this problem when you were running?

Bought a treadmill and ended up collecting dust at home? I used it for two days, and it was too boring, so I don’t need it?

In the cool 3D virtual world of "Mewod", you turn into a cute cartoon character, play games while running in the metaverse, and run a kilometer and another kilometer before you know it.

Are you at home and running alone is too boring?
"Mewod" invites your friends to come to your metaverse and run with you, one person can run fast, but a group of people can run farther!

Using Mewod is very convenient to run anywhere, anytime:

  1. When you are tired from work, use your computer to enter the metaverse, hold your mobile phone to run for 5 minutes, instantly eliminate your fatigue, and double your work efficiency.

  2. On the treadmill, use your iPad to enter the metaverse, and hold your mobile phone to run, making your running instantly very interesting.

  3. In the living room, enter the metaverse from your smart TV, hold your mobile phone to run, and the living room without a treadmill becomes a gym.


  • You can run freely, or set a running goal, such as 1km, 5km, 10km, half marathon, and a progress bar will prompt your running progress.
    In the Metaverse, there are various cheerleaders along the way, dancing and cheering for you!

  • Every time you complete a kilometer, there will be fireworks to celebrate that you have accomplished another small goal.

  • You can also activate the elf to accompany you to complete the training.

  • There are sports history statistics for the day, as well as data summary statistics for all your sports history.